Death Of A Salesman Overview

Death Of A Salesman: Overview

Death of a Salesman tells the story of every American father who wanted nothing
but the best for himself, and his family. This is not non stop excitement, but it is something
we can all relate too. Most people judge their lives and accomplishments by the money
they?ve made or the materials they posses, Which is exactly the case in this story. Instead
of Willy being proud of the fact that he raised two well rounded sons, and has a loving
wife, he is obsessed with name recognition and judges who he is by what he has.
During the play there are many examples to the fact that Willy?s mind is not stable.
At times I found it very confusing because it seems as if Willy is getting Alzheimer?s
disease, even though he has no trouble remembering things. He does a lot of unconscious
rambling or talking out loud to himself about his obsessions. I don?t know if that is a
symptom of Alzheimer?s or not, but I believe the author was trying to show that he wasn?t
in a right state of mind. The author explains this as too many years on the road and too
much pressure to succeed.
His family and friends keep referring to him as a good man,

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