Outrageous By Charles Barkley

Outrageous By Charles Barkley

Outrageous By: Charles Barkley

I. Introduction
The book on humor that I chose to review is Outrageous, by former National Basketball Association superstar Charles Barkley. This book is a collection of brutally honest and hilarious stories about growing up poor in Alabama, going to the University of Auburn, and his life in the NBA. This book was written in 1994 when Barkley was in the prime of his basketball career with the Philadelphia 76?ers. More recently he has went on to become an anchor for TNT?s NBA tonight and carries on his legacy of telling things the way they are. Barkley uses humor to tell stories about the struggles of being famous, being a rich, black man, and having constant media attention on yourself and your family. In the introduction he apologizes to anyone who he chastises in the book, but goes on to say it was only because he doesn?t like you or you did something to piss him off. I really think that in writing Outrageous, Barkley was successful in dispelling the rumor that athletes are ?dumb jok!
es,? and with his wit, charm, and outlandish comparisons Barkley proves that he is both

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