Officer Buckle and Gloria

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Genre: Informative
Title: Officer Buckle & Gloria
Author: Peggy Rathmann (Illustrator)

Napville has one of the worlds greatest treasures — Officer Buckle. Officer Buckle is an officer who cares about and loves children. No one knows more about safety than Officer Buckle does. He goes to schools and teaches children about safety. Sadly, whenever he gives his safety tips, nobody listens. In fact, some of the children fall asleep. But they sleep no more when the police force assigns Buckle a partner named Gloria.
Gloria is a police dog who goes wherever Officer Buckle goes. She helps with the safety lectures. Unaware of Glorias hysterical antics that correspond to the safety tip being given, Officer Buckle suddenly has the audiences full attention! Now everyone wants to hear Officer Buckles safety tips, “and please, bring along that police dog” (Rathmann 16).
Officer Buckle begins to feel used after watching Glorias actions on the news. He vows never to trust a friend again, especially Gloria. After a terrible accident at the school and a special note from one student, her friend, Officer Buckle, once again accepted Gloria. He

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