Jay McInerney

Jay McInerney

Bright Lights, Big City and Model Behavior are two stories, which effectively convey a theme of self-discovery. Specifically they illustrate the lives of characters that can?t come to terms with the problems in their lives. Until we as individuals and as a society come to realize our faults and tribulations we will never truly be able to grow.

Both novels by Jay McInerney have many similarities. Drug and alcohol abuse are what embody the theme of self-destruction, which is found throughout both novels. The theme of self-destruction is most prominent in Bright Lights, Big City. It?s the story of an unnamed narrator whose luck cant seem to get worse. His model girlfriend leaves him, he loses his job as a fact-checker at a prestigious magazine and tries to lose his pain in an endless round of parties, cocaine and booze, all while coming to terms with the death of his mother. The narrator finds that the only way he can come to terms with the problems he is having, is by snorting coke and consuming large amounts of alcohol. He compares a day in his life to ?purgatory a kind of half sleep ? Though he appears to be aware

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