After the First Death

After the First Death


After the first death is a psychological thriller. Patriotism plays a big role in it. The behaviour of some principal figures entirely arises from patriotism. And innocents become victims of it.

The story begins with a boy, who kept saying he has a tunnel in his chest. The boy named Ben is the son of a general and that?s why he eventually ends up on the bridge and there a bullet caused that tunnel in his chest.

It all happened on an old railway bridge. Four hijackers, terrorists, captured a bus full of children under the age six. The hijackers were Artkin, who took charge on this operation, he found Miro and his brother Aniel in a refugeecamp, Miro a sixteen-year-old boy (was he), who had never known his parents and later also lost his brother, who died before doing his duty and two other men called Antibbe and Stroll.

Artkin and Miro reviewed the plan for the last time. They had watched the bus? route for weeks. Miro?s assignment was to kill the driver, his first kill.

But when the bus arrived the driver wasn?t a man as supposed to be but a girl. The girl was Kate,

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