Modern Scarlet Letters

Modern Scarlet Letters

Modern Day Scarlet Letters

How would Hester?s scarlet letter compare to some of the scarlet letters of today Would Hester?s act of adultery really be considered as bad as some of the other problems that occur in our world today Hester?s actions today wouldn?t have received the same attention as they did back in her time. People today are much more accustomed to issues such as adultery because they constantly hear about it and have really just learn to deal with it in a normal every day sort of way. We still see many problems with the actions of people in our society today; it?s just that we have many different and more severe problems in our world. Contemporary scarlet letters are more serious than the ones in the Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, but still relate to what Hester experienced.
Adultery was the theme of The Scarlet Letter it was seen as one of the most awful and disrespectful acts that could be committed at that time. All people back then were fairly religious, and the church played a key role in their lives; it gave them a set of morals and rules they had to follow to live

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