The Cast Of Amontillado

The Cast Of Amontillado

The Cask Of Amontillado

It is Edgar Allan Poe?s intense use of intense irony throughout the cask of Amontillado that establishes the short story as an indeed interesting candidate worthy of thorough analysis. The skill full use of these devices are utilized by the author to create this horrific a suspenseful masterpiece.
The Cask Of Amontillado is a horror short story, which revolves around the themes of revenge and pride. The plot involves two men: Montresor, the narrator, who is an Italian aristocrat seeking revenge against the second main character: Fortunato, a proud man that boast about his connoisseurship of wines and who finally walks into his own death.
From the very beginning we notice the apparition of irony in the story. The very mane Fortunato would clearly imply that this is a man of good fortune, when the actual case is that he is about to suffer an untimely demise: the end of his life. The setting in which the story takes place again shows an ironic element. It is during Venice?s Carnival that the characters meet. Carnival is supposed to be a time of celebration and happiness for everybody. However, in the tale it is a time for revenge and

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