The American Dream A Scenario Of Conventional Social Myth.

The American Dream: A Scenario Of Conventional Social Myth.

The American dream is interwoven and deeply embedded in every fabric of American life. It has also been the focal point of many novels under the genre of American literature. This dream as I understand it, is associated with rugged individualism, generous enthusiasm and idealism in the pursuit of success, fame, power and glory in their supremely possible ways. It trends from old puritanical American culture, the affirmation that Americans everywhere are a special people, ?a city upon a hill? like the old puritans of New England called it, a land and place formulated by divine providence and right to be a beacon of hope, promise and freedom to the rest of the world. The basic tenet of this dream for the puritans was an all inclusive affirmation that everyone should belong and get a chance to be treated fairly and justly; that no insignificant person was ever born and that America should be a land where by sheer dint of hard work, pluck and trust in God, any person, regardless of their background and history, can pursue their life. commitments and avocations devoid of monarchical control, demagoguery and the rigid social and class stratification that once characterized the

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