Symbolism In Walden

Symbolism In Walden

Walden And Its Symbolism

Walden is an unmatched masterpiece. It is not its explicit use of language or vivid description of natural beauty that makes it true, but its significant research into the relation between nature and human society. I was evoked into deep thought by Thoreau?s philosophy on individulism and simplicity of life. Living in a sea of manufactured objects, our life has become more and more complex and polluted. We are so aim-oriented as to forget the purpose of life; we have so advanced the technology as to ignore the regeneration of our mentality. We labor, we sweat, we worry till we are toiled to death, but we rarely ask ourselves for what purpose.

I, with a majority of others, have paid much more attention to the physical existence than to our moral cultivation. We seem wealthy but are void in mind. On the part of Thoreau, his way of living is to achieve mental complexity through physical simplicity. He believes that ?a man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.? In his two-yeaer-experience in Walden Pond, he shuns and even scorns material things. By doing so, he saves a

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