Summary Of ?The Scar ?

Summary Of ?The Scar?

?The Scar? is a short story written by Margaret Biggs. The story focuses on fourteen-year-old Chris who struggles hard to face the reality of his damaged arm. Throughout the story, you will get a clear view of what he is thinking about and how he approaches daily difficulties.
Chris wakes up early on a Wednesday morning, delighted to be able to see his beautiful English teacher, Mrs. Chadwick whom Chris likes a lot. Just then, he notices the deep, permanent scar on his arm as he recalls the unforgettable car accident four years ago. Since then, Chris?s arm looks so awkward that he wishes it weren?t there.
On his way to school, he reflects on his relationship with his best friend Pete; and how he has to give up playing sports because of his injuries. Surprisingly, he meets Mrs. Chadwick somewhere near the school gates. She mentions a drama production she is planning for the class and persuades Chris to audition later in the day. When Chris tells Pete about the issue, Phil Carter interrupts and mocks at Chris?s bad arm. This has

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