Story Of An Hour

Story Of An Hour

The short story ? Story of an Hour? written by Kate Chopin takes place in the early 1900?s in the US. The story is based on a woman?s struggle for freedom in a time where their husbands suppressed most women intellectually, and in extracurricular activities were rare for them to practice. The main character, Louise Mallard, is a young woman who suffers from a weak heart and is about to acknowledge really hard information about her husband.

One day, her husband?s friend Richard was at the newspaper office when unexpected information arrived at the office. A train accident had happen and his friend Brently Mallard was on top of the list of casualties. Quickly he informs the news to Josephine, who is Louise?s sister. Both of them try to break up the news to Louise as soft and unclear as possible. When she finally understands the story she becomes paralyzed. After a few seconds she burst into tears. In her head everything has gone wrong, she feels abandoned and physically she has no energy when she is in her sister?s arms. Then, she storms to her room alone and doesn?t let anybody to follow her. In her room, alone, acing

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