Big Brother

Big Brother

Power of Big Brother

No one knows who Big Brother is but everyone is lead into
believing that he is real. Big Brother conyrols his people in many
different ways. I believe the three most important tools are the
thought police, two minute hate, and The Minstery of Truth. With out
these three tools it would be hard to inforce Big Brother?s laws.

Thought police is one of the most evil but important parts of the
Big Brother government.They have the power to look in on you at
any time of the day or night. They can see and hear everything you
did or said, even if you whispered. As Orwell said:

?Ther was of course no way ofknowing wether you
were being watched at any given moment.? (3)

The thought police as so used childern as spies. Orwell said this
about childern: ?Nearly all childern now a days were horrible.? (24)
The children learned very fast that if they did not like
Mcglasson 2
some-one all they had to do was turn them into the thought police.
Big Brother also used Two Minute Hate to keep the people busy.

Big Brother did not want people to doubt what they were doing
so, they set aside two minates a day to hate. they directed most of the
Two Minutes

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