A Rose For Emily

A Rose For Emily

The Character of Emily

In the story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, Miss Emily is the main character, the protagonist. Several main points surface with regards to this character. It is apparent that Emily does not like change or advancements in technology. She cannot be alone as, it is evident, she always needs a man in her life. Emily?s family, the Grierson?s, are a prominent and wealthy family in town. Being a descendant of the Grierson family, Emily expects exceptions to be made for her and demands respect. Emily is a monument in the town; everyone knows of her and is always wondering what she is hiding.
When Miss Emily was thirty years old she appeared to be slender with haughty black eyes (Faulkner, 58). When she had been sick for a long time and came back her hair was short, which made her look young (57). Later in her life, Miss Emily had grown fat and her hair was turning gray, like pepper and salt iron gray (57). Her physical appearance seemed important, yet she was never described as being clean. She

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