Snow White An Un-Acclaimed Interpretation

Snow White: An Un-Acclaimed Interpretation

Throughout the years, many versions of this beloved fairy tale have been produced. Along with all of these slightly differing adaptations comes many different interpretations and analysis?s which correspond with each variation. The version of Snow White in which I have chosen to analyze is by the Grimm Brothers. It is important to understand that there is much more to this fairy tale than just what meets the naked eye.
I think it is safe to say that the most evident concept in the tale which gives way to a detailed analysis is the relationship between the ?fairest of them all,? Snow White, and her competitor, the Queen. It seems as though Snow White and her stepmother are jealousy battling for the absent father/husband figure. To the psychoanalyst, Snow White and the Queen are competing to be a favorite to the King and their concerns over beauty are directly related to this very competition. It is when Snow White turns seven that the stepmother takes on her fairy tale role as the ?evil? stepmother. It is also at the onset of Snow White?s maturity that her stepmother begins to feel jealous and seek reassurance from her magic mirror. Bruno Bettelheim

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