Robin Cook – Brain

Robin Cook – Brain

Robin Cook


Dr Martin Philips had just finished his morning routine when his friend William Michaels dropped in his office with a surprise. Over the past 2 years he and Philips had tried to design a computer that could read and diagnose x-rays and today their hard work had finally paid off. Michaels had designed the first prototype. He wanted Philips to run some x-rays through the program to see if there were any bugs. Philips felt very excited about his upcoming task?
He ran an x-ray and discovered that the machine had picked up something he had overlooked: some mild density variations. The patient, Lisa Marino, had just had major brain surgery. When Philips excitedly ran to Neurology to look if he could take some more tests, he was told that Marino had died on the operating table. Philips was very disappointed, he felt like he was on the verge of a breakthrough. He and Denise Sanger, a young attractive doctor, decided to get the x-rays anyway and head for the morgue.
Without any complications they get Marino?s corpse up to the radiology department and put her under the CAT-scan, only to discover that her head was empty. Her brain

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