Siddhartha is a book about the life of a man who is searching for spiritual

enlightenment. On his path to self-discovery he, Siddhartha, had to confront many

challenges, such as leaving his family, friends, and loved ones as he kept going on his

journey. Siddhartha overcame these problems through introspection and help from others.

These incidents developed Siddhartha?s personality by teaching him to accept what is

going on with his life, and to let go of residual feelings. The story of Siddhartha is about a

man that had obstacles that changed the way he looked at life.

In Siddhartha, Siddhartha is confronted by many challenges. Coming from an

established Brahmin?s family, he decides to become a Samana and lead a life of poverty,

which was very hard for him to adjust to living with no provisions, and hardly and

clothing. The next obstacle was when Siddhartha wanted to prove himself to Kamala, in

order to show her that he was worth her time. He came to her as a poor Samana, so he

had to be able to become wealthy again to be able to spend time with her and give her

gifts. The last big trial of Siddhartha?s life was

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