Seeds Of Hope

Seeds Of Hope

Have you ever wished you were alive in the gold rush Have you ever wished that you could have the excitement of trying to find gold and having the chance of striking it rich The main character of the book Seeds of Hope written by Kristiana Gregory appearances all these things and more.

Seeds of Hope is the diary of a young 14-year-old girl named Susanna Fairchild in the year 1849. In the start of this diary they are aboard the California, a ship. She lives with her 16-year-old sister Clara and her father, a doctor. This book is mainly set in Miner?s Creek, California when their Papa gets gold fever and wants to get enough gold so he can have a decent life.

In the start of this book Susanna is aboard the ship the California going through her mother who just died things for the first time since her mother?s death. She was thinking about how she and her sister missed their mother so much when their father comes in and tells them that he will stay in California to mine for gold. It takes his daughters a few more days to decide but they decide to go with

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