Role Of Women In Relation To Mill On The Floss

Role Of Women In Relation To Mill On The Floss

The role of women in society is very different today compared to the role of women in Victorian society, in the 19th Century. Discuss this statement with reference to Maggie Tulliver in ?Mill On The Floss?

Since the book ?Mill on The Floss? was written nearly two hundred years ago, it is no surprise that society has changed, especially for women. The fact that Mary Anne Evans had to use a pen name of ?George Eliot? as she was a woman and her works would not have been published otherwise, shows alone what the attitudes towards women were, that of sheer insignificance in the country and in the social circle. In Britain today women stand side by side with men, in the struggle for Independence, and are playing a key role in the search for a lasting peace and consolidated democracy for the country.
Dramatic changes came mainly with women appearing in parliament, receiving the right to vote that is equal to that of a man. Women had scored some social victories as well, particularly the Law on Maternity, which provides for family planning, the recognition of consensual union as equivalent to marriage, equality of children whether born to a wedded or

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