Han Nolan

Han Nolan

Han Nolan in my view is a wonderful author, she has written books that reflect on the harsh problems people face in their lives. Nolan is the author of ?Born Blue? which tells the story of a child growing up and making her life a mess.

Janie was four years old when she had almost drowned. As she was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and her mother was paying her no attention, she had managed to wander out too far and a current had took her under. Due to that incident and the fact that her mother was heavily into heroin she was placed into a foster home that she had considered to be the ?stink house?.

The foster home was always a mess, with dirty diapers, dishes never being done, and no one ever picking up after them selves. In the foster home there were other kids, amongst them were a few babies and one seven year old little black boy named Harmon. Janie became to look to Harmon as her big brother and he was the only on she ever came to know as for the babies she could barely stand to be around

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