Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy

The biography Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy written by

Mary Van Rensselaer Thayer is a very informative book. She

was the daughter of John Vernon Bouvier the third and his

wife Janet Lee. Jacqueline as a child lived in both, New York City and East Hampton, Long Island.
Jacqueline has been brought up around horses. She started riding at age three. Her mother Janet was an excellent rider and pushed Jacqueline to be great at the sport. Sure enough she excelled and won a double victory including the horse sportsmanship award. When she grew older her love for horses never died. Jacqueline attended Miss Porter?s school in Farmington, Connecticut, where many girls kept there own horses. She won many horse competitions and kept the great riding name for her family.
Jacqueline was educated at the best of private schools. Her mother ,Janet noticed how smart she was at a young age. At six she had started reading and

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