Saki- H.H Munro

Saki- H.H Munro

Hector Hugh Munro

Munro was born December 18th, 1870 in A kyab, Burma. ?Hector was not a strong child. The family doctor had declared that Hector probably would not reach adulthood because of his rare illness Malaria. Out of concern for his health his schooling was delayed for many years.? (Http:// As a child, Munro did not live with his biological parents. Munro?s mother died shortly after his birth, and his dad had no time to raise children in the correct atmosphere because of his job. His father was the Inspector General of Police in Burma. This left him no choice but to ship little Hector, Ethel, and Charles to live with his two aunts and his grandmother in Devon England.

H.H Munro never had anyone close to him except his sibling, but his parents were never there for him. (Http:// Hector never knew his mother, and moved far away from his father to live with his two aunts at a young age. ?Both aunts lacked the demeanor to raise young children.? (Http:// The aunts brought Hector up in poverty, where the people of the upper class wouldn?t respect him. ?Although these aunts were probably well-intentioned, they brought him

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