Roy Halston A Review

Roy Halston: A Review

Roy Halston Frowick was born April 23, 1932 in the mid-west, and began a love for design at an early age. Far from the instant success he would later achieve in the 70s, Halston began as a milliner. He had initial success at designing hats, becoming the star at Bergdorf Goodmans. This, and his easy ability to make correct connections, eventually led to a career in fashion design. Although the name Halston became infamous in fashion, there was initial struggle for success in his fashion line. That infamy was only associated with his hats designed for Bergdorfs, and especially for the pillbox donned by Jackie O. at JFKs inauguration. From there, after leaving Bergdorf in 68, he began the task of building an apparel empire.
Halstons vision of what womens fashion should be was completely constant, he wanted a fluid, elegant, and above all, comfortable garment at all times. Halstons first runway show displayed a shockingly new look, one of pure shape and style. This first collection introduced a Halston theme: gowns made so simple there would be no need for heaviness of fabric or extraneous buttons, snaps, or zippers-accomplished by sewing on the bias and using a folding, origami-type

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