Naturalism To Build A Fire

Naturalism: To Build A Fire

Naturalism: To Build a Fire

When people think of naturalism most think of nature lovers or people who like nature. When in fact that?s not it at all. Yes, in naturalism the environment does play an important role. But, it is because the characters in the stories are caught with in the forces of nature, or society, which are beyond their understanding or control. In naturalism there is a showing of brutal realism, which may promote social reform. And the facts in the stories only approach detailed observations of human experiences. In Jack London?s To Build a Fire, the environment in which surrounds him is crucial to the story, he is caught within forces of nature in which he has no control, and that is why this story is great at depicting naturalism.
In this story the environment is the most important factor. The whole story is based around it and which is a key characteristic in naturalism. He says, ? It had been several days since he had seen the sun.? Also, ? The furrow of the old sled trail was plainly visible. ? He again quoted that, ? It was seventy five below zero.? These quotes give direct proof

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