Marry Shelly

Marry Shelly

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was born on August 30, 1797, in London,

England. She was destined to live an extraordinary life. Her parents were

two of the most noted freethinkers of the Enlightenment era. Her father,

William Godwin, was a celebrated philosopher and historian. He was known

for overeating and borrowing money who would give him a loan. He didn?t

have much time for anything but his philosophical ideas. He met his match

in Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary?s mother. She was every bit as much a radical

thinker as Godwin. She declared herself independent at the age of 21. She

and her sisters ran a school in France, where she had an affair with an army

captain and had her first child, Fanny, out of wedlock. After being

abandoned, she and Fanny moved back to England and attempted suicide.

She began writing. She was well-known for her revolutionary feminist

writings. Wollstonecraft and Godwin met a dinner party at Godwin?s home

and the two began an affair. Wollstonecraft was five months pregnant when

she married Godwin. Although Godwin and Wollstonecraft didn?t agree with

the whole marriage thing, they wanted Mary?s

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