Bill Gates

Bill Gates

He is the undisputed King of the Microsoft empire.

He was a person who transformed an era. His roots were in the Northwest. J. W. Nashville, his great grandfather founded the first national bank in Seattle, WA. The had wealth, but didn?t flaunt it. Mary Maxwell, Bills mother was a very enthusiastic girl who when she went to college was called ?giggles.? She met Bill Gates Jr. and got married. Bill gates (who?s nickname was ?Tray? because he was the third Bill Gates.) Loved playing games and was always competitive?trying to do things just as good or better.

During his preteen times he started to get rebellious. With his parents being strict, it was a strain on the family. So his parents put him into the private school Lakeside. It only accepted the best and the brightest, which was Bill. When he started high school Lakeside got the use of a computer which sparked Bill Gate?s interest. It would be there every waking moment. Paul Allen and Bill Gates bounded by writing software codes. When Bill was only 15 him and Paul went into a business together. at

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