Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

One night, a while back, I had trouble sleeping. So like I always do, I got out of bed, went to the living room and turned on the TV. When I can?t sleep I watch one of two things, cartoons or old movies. I changed the channel to the one that plays the old movies. There was a black and white movie on. I looked it up it the TV Guide and it said, ?Charlie Chaplin Marathon.? It was in the middle of the movie called, ?Lime Light.? After that was over they played, ?City Lights.? I fell asleep after that movie was over so I didn?t see anymore of his films. I was completely mesmerized by that movie. He was very creative, and he uses every emotion in his films. That?s how I found out about Charlie Chaplin. I wanted to find out more about his films and his life, so I checked out Chaplin The Movies & Charlie by David Jacobs. While I read my book I learned more and more about him. I never imagined that his life was so difficult.


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