C.H. Sission

C.H. Sission

C.H. Sisson
-born in Bristol in 1914
-very distinguished poet
-in 1993 was made a Companion of Honour for services to literature
-Carcanet published all his poems, translations and prose writings
-abandoned the writing of poetry at age of twenty
-started again eight or nine years later on battleship off of Freetown

John Lennon 1940-1980
-born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool England
-Winston Lennon was raised by mother, Julia, and Aunt Mimi
-father worked on ship
-July 15, 1958 Johns mother was killed in car accident/ affected John emotionally
-alcohol and music became big part of his life
-lived with Aunt
-in late 1960 started the group The Beatles
-in May 1968 John got married to Yoko Ono
-in February 1972, FBI believed that John was only staying in country to upset the Republican

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