My Life As A Writer

My Life As A Writer

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My first writing experience I remember was biting the head off a paper guy. In kindergarten we would get a paper guy with a smiley face or a frown depending on how we did in writing that day, but whenever I received a frown I would bite the head off the little guy. From that point forward I have had a negative attitude towards writing. Throughout my life I have had very different writing experiences, some good and some bad, but through them all I have realized I do not like writing. In spite of my feelings, I have found out my senior year that if I just try hard and put forth the effort I will do fine.

When I write anything I just say it in my head first. This helps me put words down on paper, it is how I taught myself how to write because I did not have a good home base for instruction. My father was a manager for Payless Drug, so we moved throughout Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho. This was really tough for me because each teacher was different in the ways they taught, so I never really got a well balanced background

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