Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher

*Molly Pitcher*

Molly Pitcher was born on October 13, 1754 near
Trenton NJ. where she grew up on her parents dairy farm.
She later married John Hays.
John enlisted in the Colonial Army in December of
1775. He fought in the Battle of Monmouth on June 28,
1778. She went along with him to carry supplies, to tend to
the wounded and to sew. She even heaved a crippled
continental soldier on her strong young back and carried
him out of the reach of hard-charging British soldiers. Most
importantly she carried pitchers of water to the parched
throats of the continental soldiers.
On one particular day at Monmouth it was as hot as
Valley Forge was cold. Her striped skirt fluttered across the
bullet-swept ground at Mommoth as she brought pitchers of
drinking water to her husband, an artilleryman, and to
other comrades in the midst of the Battle of Mommoth. That
is how she earned her name ?Molly Pitcher.? She also used
the water to cool down the hot guns and the cannons one of
which her husband was in charge of on the battlefield.

On one of her trips out to the battle field with water
she found her artilleryman

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