Manet, Edouard

Manet, Edouard

Edouard Manet

On January 29, 1832, Edouard Manet was born into a high-class family in Paris, France. His mother, Eugenie-Desiree Fournier, was the goddaughter of Charles Bernadotte, the Crown Prince of Sweden. Eduardos father, Augusta Manet was a magistrate and an officer in the Ministry of Justice. To uphold the wealthy life style, Auguste Manet wanted Edouard to continue the tradition, and become a figure of the law as well. To avoid becoming a judge, Manet joined the navy and became a sailor. After traveling around he decided that being a sailor was not his passion so he apprenticed himself to the French Painter Thomas Couture. Throughout this time, he traveled to the countries of Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands to study paintings of masters. The artists that influenced him the most include Diego Velazquez, Francisco de Goya, and Frans Hals.
Even though Manet was very well educated he did not excel in his academic career. Manet?s uncle, Charles Fournier, gave him his first drawing lesson as a child. After that Manet was drawn to the arts. His uncle would also take Edouard and his friend, Antonin Proust on frequent outings to the Louvre.
After studying with Tomas Couture, Manet enrolled

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