Life Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Life Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The main ideas of Elizabeth Barrett Browning?s poetic works changed constantly during her life,
due to significant events occuring
Spirituality was the main focus of Barrett?s writing from 1838 until 1844. Poetry became such a
large part of her life due to a spinal injury in 1821 which left her relying on opium for a long period of
time. As well as the ill-manners of her health, Barrett experienced the tragic death of her brother due to
drowning in the year of 1838. These significant events left Barrett in a state of emotional turmoil. She
found herself unable to live in the world of reality. For four years, she seperated herself from reality by
locking herself in a bedroom. During this time, the only persons she conversed with was her family and
one or two close friends.
It was during this period that poetry became such a signifacant part of Barrett?s life. She began
to write about Jesus, Angels, and other significant biblical characters. In the poem The Seraphim, two
angels stand outside the Garden of Eden. It is there they describe and praise God for his awesome
splendor and majesty.

?Of earth, the God-created and God praised
In hour of birth
Where everynight

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