Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Amaris Baxter

Langston Hughes; ?Mother to Son?

1) 1930?s; Realism
2) Biographical Theory of Criticism
3) Post-structural Theory of Criticism

Through the literary works of Langston Hughes, it is clear to see that he uses his own style and language to portray realistic traits. The biographical theory of criticism can easily be used to criticize Hughes work, as well as the post-structural theory.
Hughes poem ?Mother to Son? was written during the Harlem Renaissance. At this time in history, many African Americans expressed their thoughts through music, art, poetry and other areas of the arts. Hughes being a young black men growing up in the 1930?s in America, expressed his opinions of the treatment of blacks through poetry. Writing exactly what he thought, his poems are very realistic, very similar to him. In ?Mother to Son? he lets the readers know that everything in life is not going to be easy and that there are going to be trials that everyone will face in life.
Biographical Theory of Criticism
?Mother to Son? Closely parallels the life of Hughes. Born in Missouri, Hughes

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