John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was born on July eleventh,

1767,in Quincy Massachusetts. John Quincy Adams was

a child of the American Revolution. In 1767, the

year of his birth, the British Parliament passed

the Townshed Acts. John Quincy was the son of the

second president John Adams. When John Adams was in

Philadelphia organizing a colony-wide resistance to

the British, his wife and their four children

moved to Boston. John Adam?s wife took care of the

children and their farm. The local school teacher

left to join the Continental Army, leaving young

John Quincy?s education at home with his mother.

John Quincy was more advanced than most young

men of his age entering Harvard. He was fluent in

French, German, Latin and Dutch. From his father he

picked up knowledge of geometry, trigonometry and

calculus. John Quincy entered a preparatory school

at Haverhill, and later he was admitted to Harvard

as a junior, tuition free from his fathers services

to his country. In his years at Harvard he studied

law. At twenty-three Adams opened law offices in

Boston. Having few clients John Adams had much

time to think about his future. He often thought

about politics. John Quincy also

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