Jakob The Rich

Jakob The Rich

Jacob Fugger ?The Rich?

During the Renaissance there were many advances, new ideas, and other things that helped create a time period in which we still study greatly today. One of the contributing factors of the Renaissance was the merchant and financier fields. There were quite a few families that were extremely successful in their professions of trading and financing. One of the most successful families was the Fugger family of Germany. The Fugger family were one of the most prominent mercantile of the Renaissance. They mastered their competitors in such feilds as trading spices, wool clothe, jewelry, and silk. They also made much of their money in lending finances to important people and charging a high interest rate in order to profit as much as possible. However the biggest of their revenue was their near monopoly in the silver, copper and quicksilver mines. The family business was started by Hans Fugger who died in 1409. He was just a wool weaver with a big dream. The family was based in Augsburb, Germany and expanded their business throughout Renaissance Europe. The most important of the Fugger family was

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