Metamorphosis is a story that is easily related to this ever so cruel world and the life each of us live today. Each of us experience alienation just as Gregor did in the story. We experience from friends and even worse family. When changes arrive that we cant cope with,
we sometimes except them grudgingly, or we simply run away from that change. What we fail to realize is the fact that the change (trial or problem) will still be there to deal with upon returning.

Gregor Samsa had already been experiencing some alienation in the beginning. Gregor provided for his family, believing that they werent capable of this. In being the only individual providing for his family, he
had a slight tendency to work too hard and too much, pushing himself away from them and keeping to himself unknowingly. Gregor was working for his fathers creditor, trying to pay off a dept his father owed. He had work for
this company for 5 years. He never missed a day and was always on time. His boss never acknowledged this, and failed to trust Gregor because he was different. Gregor
would always do more than necessary on the job and

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