Lost In The Barrens

Lost In The Barrens

Lost in the Barrens
Farley Mowat


Jamie Mcnair was sixteen years old and lived in a boarding school in Toronto. His parents died in a car accident when he was nine and his only relative was his uncle Angus, a trader, who lived in a cabin in the north of Canada. One day Jamie got a telegram from Angus, which said that he wanted him to come, because the school cost too much money. Jamie had read very much about the north and for him his uncle always was a kind of legend. He was glad about the letter, because he realized that the boarding school had never been a real home for him.

After a long journey by train through lonely plains and mountains of Canadas wilderness he arrived in The Pas, the next town to his uncle?s cabin. After his arrival his uncle made a canoe trip with him and Jamie became fascinated by the wild face of the new world. During one year Jamie had found a new home and new friends in the world of his uncle. His best friend became a young Cree Indian, called Awasin. He was the son of Alphonse, who was the best friend of

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