Lord Of The Fly Responce

Lord Of The Fly Responce

In every human being, there is a part that is definitely savage and evil as well as a part that is undoubtedly conscientious and good. These two parts are constantly in conflict with each other and consequently its outcome affects everything done and every decision made. In a civilized world, the good side often triumphs because it is reinforced by the law; however, when consequences for actions taken no longer exist, the dark side will most possibly prevail. This is clearly illustrated in Lord of the Flies, a novel written by William Goldings. After many days on a deserted island with no adults, which meant no way of enforcing authority, Jacks tribe, representing evilness and savagery, destroyed the last traces of civilization when confronted with Ralphs group, who represents law, order and democracy.

Without the enforcement of law and order, the evil side of human takes charge and the society tend to slide towards chaos and savagery. Ralphs group proved obsolete to Jacks because they were fewer in number and their fire was stolen. Jacks group, on the other hand, was in a superior position since they had access to a greater variety of food

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