Lord Of The Flies Analysis Of Characters, Symbolism, And Se

Lord Of The Flies: Analysis Of Characters, Symbolism, And Setting

William Golding?s Lord of the Flies is an extremely complex and symbolic novel that goes beyond a group of English schoolboys who are stranded on an island and forced to survive on their own. In the story, William Golding displays both the civilized and the primitive personalities that mankind possesses. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses the characters, symbolism, and setting to give a detailed description of these two faces of human nature.
The characters in Lord of the Flies serve as archetypes that depict the conflict between man?s journey toward civilization and his urges to become primitive. Ralph, Piggy, Simon, and Jack are the most important characters in the novel.
Ralph is the protagonist in Lord of the Flies. He is elected as the chief of the group (23). Ralph symbolizes democracy and order on the island. As the chief, Ralph takes it upon himself to establish rules for the group to follow (42) and he stresses the importance of each boy doing his duty.
Piggy embodies reason and intelligence. He represents the rationality and logic that is necessary in a civilized society. Piggy comes up with the idea of collecting the

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