Grapes Of Wrath

Grapes Of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath focuses on both the situation of migrant workers during the Dust Bowl as a whole, as well as the situation of a single family during the event, the Joads. Each chapter fluctuates between either the macro view or the micro view. One chapter will be devoted to the workers, the next to something that will affect the Joads. The intercalary chapters, or the chapters containing a macro view, are used in the novel as three main functions: to provide a recurring basis for the novel?s themes, to give the reader an insight to the society?s background at that time, and to provide a historical account of the ?disaster.?

Chapter twelve provides the reader with an insight into the society?s background. The migrants are portrayed as unknowing and exploitable, as seen in their purchases of vehicles in poor condition at prices that are highly inflated. The salesmen cheat the farmers, as the farmers were cheated from their farms and will be cheated from the promise of a job in California. They have no other skill and little education, and their only fallback is California. The reader is presented with the grave situation these people

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