Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has had a huge impact not only in literature but also in the history of the world itself. The books have inspired children to read even though the recent times of television and media have demolished their interest of reading. The amazing storyline, interesting plot and endearing characters have made the success of Harry Potter great.

Harry Potter started an astounding interest for children and adults to read. J. K. Rowling, the writer and creator of Harry Potter, has written books that are easy to comprehend yet are still sophisticated in nature. J. K. Rowling?s amazing and remarkable sentence structure and plot formation has left readers wanting more.

Harry Potter books are known for their ?who done it? plots which make the readers use their imagination and logical thinking in order to solve these potential mysteries which captivate the story. There is always that ?twist? in the end and the never-ending climax of the books makes the readers not want to put the book down. The books are mesmerizing and once you start reading the books you never want to put it down until you finish it.

Harry Potter success in the book market, although created for children has

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