Children In ?The Brothers Karamazov

Children In ?The Brothers Karamazov

Children in the Brothers Karamazov

Children are portrayed in ?The Brothers Karamazov? as being mistreated by adults and

by God. Ivan, who is the most troubled by children?s sufferings, doesn?t want to forget them so

he keeps articles about the misfortunes dealt upon children. The story also incorporates tales of

children that are in the town, and surrounding areas, who become important to the plot of the

story. By the end of the book Dostoevsky wants you to feel such grief and sadness for the

children that it might even challenge your faith to God.

The first child I will mention is discussed in the ?Peasant Women Who Have Faith?

chapter. A peasant woman goes to see Father Zosima because she has lost her son. The woman

is very distraught and says that she left her husband and the rest of her family because she

couldn?t take it anymore. This woman had already lost three other sons and just couldn?t stand

to lose another. Father Zosima tells her a story about a saint who comforts a grieving mother,

like herself, who had lost her only child. ?Knowest thou not,? said the saint

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