The stream of consciousness novel depends on the inner thoughts and emotions of a character. To show the significance of these flux of ideas, and to illuminate the themes and characters different tichniques are used. The technique used exist in the stream of consciousness novel by symbolism. How symbolism is used will be explained by referring to James Joyce novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Motif is a technique which means phrases or words that are repeated. The repitition is used to give a hidden meaning. For example, in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man the ?moocow? is an indirect associattion to the idea of motherhood, the main character?s mother, and mother land which is Irland. The figures are juxtapositions and indications to the theme of repressing authority that is symbolized by the figure of mother, father, and priest symbols. The theme introduced by this motif is the repressive nature of his country.

The main character of James Joyce novel called Stephen. In order to show the main theme, which is Stephen finding his artistic talent and knowing his path in life, Joyce used many symbols that appear to be with no relation

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